Grapes> Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pignoletto. The best grapes from three white varieties from three different exposures. 270 (like Duesettanta) degrees out of the 360 degrees circle of the vineyards on our Bella Vista hill. The vineyards are grown with the GDC system. The canopy protects grapes even on the hottest of summer days, so the freshness, aromas and acidity are preserved. Chardonnay and Sauvignon are harvested at the end of August, Pignoletto around the middle of September. The yield is quite low for a white, 7000 kg per hectare. Grapes are harvested by hand and selected at first glance and then put in small plastic crates. The 3 wines are produced separately in small, selected quantities, and then blended. Long refining in steel tanks and at least 2-3 months matured in bottle. No wood is used.

Distinguishing characteristics> Duesettanta is a contemporary interpretation of the 'marriage' between our autochthonous Pignoletto (30%) and two international varieties, Sauvignon (35%) and Chardonnay (35%), that have been grown in the area for at least a century. The blend is very fine, elegant, but at the same time powerful. Harmonious and well balanced, none of the 3 varieties overwhelms the other.

Duesettanta - Emilia IGT Bianco